Thursday, June 12, 2014

Event Wrap Up: Get Crafty with Fancy That!

     last Sunday I got to attend a lovely crafternoon hosted by Portland Bloggers and Fancy That.  Fancy That might be the cutest place I have ever been.  Its a sweet little party supply shop in Orenco.  Every inch of the shop was covered in color coordinated amazingness!  I want everything.

I know these are blurry but I still love them!
Here is the project we got to make.  All the items can be purchased in the shop.  We got to make these drink carriers.  There are a few cups for hot drinks with cardboard sleeves, sugar, tea and instant coffee that we could put in cute little containers.  I liked the colored paper that I cut out and used double stick tape to attached to little packages.  I got to try Washi tape for the first time.  Not sure I liked it.  I think if it matched everything else I was using I would have loved it.  Either way it was great fun to hang out with some blogging buddies, Jenni, Rosie, Melissa and Rachel.
Last me with lovely drink carrier and Rosie's reflection in my sunnys.  


  1. Looks like a great event! I wish I would have been able to attend--it's right near me--but I had another commitment that day.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I wish there was more of these types of events in my ol town!

  3. I like those sunburst paper hanging things, and I spy letters you could spell a flag garland with. Adorable! I'll keep this store in mind if I ever throw a schmancy party. :)

  4. How much did that particular project cost to make? And what is the pricing like in general in that store? We are having a baby shower for my SIL next month, and it's going to be pretty massive (which is good for her I guess, but oh lord, planning for large amounts of people is the stuff of insanity).

    I also had a more personal question that I hope you don't mind me asking. I, too, live in the 'burbs of Portland (North Plains, specifically). I am a mother to four youngsters aged nine and under. Now that my three older children are in school, I am finding myself with an abundance of free time that I really want to use to start and grow a new blog and expand my presence on YouTube. I used to own an online boutique (my handmade infant items), a mommy forum, and a blog. But I had to put them to rest shortly after my Autistic son was born in '07. I feel a very strong determination to start back up with blogging, videos, and reviews. My daughters and I have been creating YouTube videos of us reviewing TOU products and I just love it. In fact, we have well I've 100 My Little Pony items new in their boxes waiting to be reviewed right now (if only hasbrotoyshop would send us some or give us a discount). Anyway I would really like some mentoring on how best to get back in the game or start from scratch, where to start, and how to get involved with local people (like you!). I know you are probably really busy, but do you have any time where you could chat with me, or even just I'm or email? I would be so grateful. -Nicole (



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