Friday, April 18, 2014

For the Love of Fridays: Fairy Penguins

I need to knit a sweater for a penguin!  Too bad Snopes says they dont need anymore...  Or you can adopt a penguin, even name it!

This kid is crazy smart.

This dog is ahMazing!

I need a shark platter!

I can never eyeball a drink.  I think this ReJigger would really help!

How is your Friday?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sea You Next Tuesday: My Gram gets Chased by Bees

      my Gram is pretty awesome.  She was here visiting for her 90th birthday and I recorded her telling some family stories.  Some are very well known in the family and some where new.  The bee and the lake is one of my faves, I hope you enjoy it too!  :)

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sea You Next Tuesday: I am Back!

     hiya pals!  I am back!  I said I was going to keep making videos and I meant it.  I did take two weeks off but it wasnt on purpose...  I had some computer issues and then some sickness.  It was also weird not having a topic and I miss my friends...  Shout out to Melissa, Rosie and Warren!  It was fun to get pretty for film but I burnt the crap out of my hand curling my hair.  

Dont miss the rest of my videos at Diva and the Diamonds!  Make sure you watch my friends videos too!
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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

     the season 4 The Walking Dead finale was pretty intense.  I wont go into detail and spoil it.  Is it possible that I already miss it?  October is so far away (at least I will have Game of Thrones again soon!).  

How we would meet:  How everyone meets during the zombie apocalypses, wondering around in the woods.  We would meet up early on, season one, when we were still relatively clean.  I would be the prettiest girl in the camp.  
Our first date:  Me watching him hunt for squirrels.  I would be highly impressed.  I could gather edible plants.  This would highly impress him and that would that.
Why we would be in love:  He could catch the squirrels and I could cook them.  Nuff said.  Plus we are both hot!
Our break-up:  Our break up would be heart breaking for him.  I die.  Not killed by a zombie, I am too fast for that!  A person would kill me.  He would probably go crazy for awhile and live on his own in the woods, but eventually he would come back to the group.  Poor buddy...

This might be the most painful My Future Ex Boyfriend I have done.  I feel like we could have made it work...  If I didnt die...
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sea You Next Tuesday: It Isnt Easy Being Green

Hiya pals!  It was a very green week at Diva and the Diamonds.  Also a bit of a heads up, we are taking a wee hiatus.  We will be regrouping and it will be amazing and so much better!  In the mean time I will be making videos on my own so I dont get out of the habit over at Sea You Next Tuesday.  

Dont miss the rest of my videos at Diva and the Diamonds!  Make sure you watch my friends videos too!

Ps I like the upside down picture...
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