Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Father's Day Kevin I Mills

     i have the best dad in the world.  Some people might disagree and think they have they best dad, but they would be wrong.  This might not be the best picture of us but we are not the most photogenic of people.  A trait I am not glad I inherited.  You may notice he is a little short.  He has cerebal palsy (I thought for years I was named after it...) and is in a wheelchair.  He has been in the chair my whole life.  He used to walk on crutches when I was younger, but not anymore.  

Here are some fun facts about my dad.
  • He and my mother didnt go on dates.  They went on figs.  
  • He tells the corniest jokes.  
  • He has always had a shoulder for me to cry on.
  • He is writing his memoirs.
  • We have a writers club that is just the two of us.  We encourage each other.  At our last meeting he told me my latest chapter "didnt sound enough like me".  That I can do better, in the most inspiring way.  
  • He is a HAM radio guy.  WB7CHY.
  • He is a computer nerd.
  • His middle name is I.  His parents said he could pick his own middle name and change it when he was older.  He picked Ian, but never changed it.  His initials are KIM...
  • He taught me to love sci-fi.  
  • We have silly inside jokes.  He can say one word and I will laugh.
  • He will make friends everywhere he go.  Everywhere.
  • He has the best smile wrinkles around his eyes.
  • He is the bravest and strongest person I know.
  • And all he wants for Father's Day is this taco shirt.

I also blogged about Father's Day food over at Blog to Taste.  Check it out.

Why do you love your dad?

heart you


  1. Sarah - You are so blessed to have such a great dad, and I can tell by the way you write about him that you genuinely appreciate your relationship with him. I'd give just about anything to spend one more day with my dad.

  2. Man, I feel like ALL dads tell the corniest jokes, ha! I LOVE that taco shirt :) and love that you guys share your writing with each other - so sweet!

  3. It sounds as if you and your dad have a truly special relationship. I bet he'd have quite the list to say about you, too!

  4. Sarah, your dad sounds like an incredible guy! You sound like you have a really close relationship, one to be treasured. Happy Father's Day to him!

  5. Any dad that teaches their kids to like sci-fi is tops.

  6. Lovely post, Sarah, thanks for sharing your wonderful dad with us. :-)



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