Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sea You Next Tuesday: Learning to Ride a Bike

     as a kid I never learned how to ride a bike.  Weird right?  So I hate when people say "it's like riding a bike".  Well if that is the case then I might be in trouble at doing something new.  There are many things in life I havent tried.  Fishing is next for me on the list.  I would really like to learn how this summer.  Now lets talk about why I never learned till now.  When I was five, my grandfather gave me a beautiful pink bike.  I remember it had pink shimmery streamers coming out of the handlebars.  I was so excited.  He was my favorite person.  He told me he would teach me how to ride.  Soon after that my beloved grandfather died.  I was crushed.  I refused to let anyone else teach me.  Some time later my grandmother sold the bike and sent me a check.  She did this kinda thing often but that is another post..  The next problem was the house I grew up on was on a gravel road.  We were on the corner and the each streets went down hill.  Not a great place to practice.  When I was eleven my family moved and my parents bought me a fancy bike.  It was teal, the perfect shade, and had all kinds of dials.  I tried to ride it twice and scraped up myself and decided it wasnt for me.  Most of the time it didnt bother me that I was left out.  I had other fun things to do as a kid.

I am pretty proud of myself.  I did a better job than I thought I would.  I was really nervous.  My palms started to sweat the second my friends suggested I learn when I was camping recently at Lost Lake.  I practiced in the parking lot.  We even went on a little ride around the campground.  I felt muscles I had never used before.  I had to take breaks just to readjust my feet on the peddles and I liked being last so I could have the whole road to myself.  I was amazed how close to the edge I could accidentally get.  My favorite part was going down the tiny hills with the wind in my hair.  My proudest moment was starting up hill on gravel, even if it was a tiny hill.  

Good News Everyone!  This was my 50th video!  Crazy town.  I miss my Diva and the Diamond friends but I am so proud I kept going!  All my videos.  Dont miss the rest of my videos at Diva and the Diamonds!  Make sure you watch my friends videos too.

What is something you would like to learn but have been putting off?
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  1. Yay! Good for you! I remember my cousin teaching me to ride a bike... down a grassy hill and right into her neighbor's roses. I still don't understand about shifting gears. My husband always wants us to go on bike rides together. We don't. haha

  2. Congratulations on learning to ride a bike! I think bike riding is fun, as long as it's in a casual setting like on vacation and not having to deal with the urban commute- that seems stressful and dangerous. For me, I would like to learn how to do my hair (I know two styles- down and in a low ponytail) or putting on fake lashes but never had the patience when I was younger and am still putting it off by just saying it's more worth my time/no effort to pay someone to do it for me!

  3. Congrats! And welcome to wonderful world of bike riding. What's the song you used in your video?



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