Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I Ate: Camping at Lost Lake

     i went camping this weekend, I was kind of excited.  I made a video.  I went with a group of twelve friends.  We stayed at a organization camp site at Lost Lake.  Our site had a stage and a crazy stone fire pit with a chimney.  We spent the day swimming and playing in a paddle boat.  It was great trip!  Here is what I ate and some pictures.

Breakfast:  I hard boiled eggs at home for a quick and easy source of protein.  On most camping trips I will cook eggs there but I was camping light and didnt want to pack a pan.  I also ate apples and bananas.  A friend gave me a frozen hash brown that I heated in some foil on coals.  I will be bringing some of those on my next trip!
Lunch:  I made "unwiches" with romaine, honey roasted turkey from the deli and mayo.  Sliced yellow pepper and leftover red cabbage slaw.  
Dinner:  Before I left I spirlized a sweet potato, zucchini and carrot.  I added that with some sliced cabbage, mushrooms, onions with salt, pepper, garlic and oil wrapped in foil.  Then when I was ready to eat I put it on the coals.  It took about 40 mins to cook.  I also roasted hot dogs, but no pictures.  I made a ketchup and mustard sauce before I left to make life easier.
Snacks:  Carrot sticks, cucumber, dark chocolate raisins, and home roasted almonds.  And chips, but dont tell Rosie!  

I ate out of a plastic baskets I got at the dollar store.  I lined them with wax paper.  This was Rosie's idea and it was really fun.  Next time I might use double the wax paper.

I was hitching a ride with some friends so I tried really really really hard to pack light.  This is one of the reasons I chopped everything at home and did not bring raw meat.  I like to a have separate small cooler for raw meat so if it tries to escape I should be safe.  I wanted to have an easy time cooking.  I also wanted to be out of the way and not dependent on borrowing a stove.  I brought just enough food and was very satisfied!  One of my camping goals is going to be dutch oven cooking.  My friend made some amazing peach cobbler in hers.

What do you eat camping?

heart you


  1. Great pics! We usually stick to the usual--hot dogs!--when we camp, but you gave me some good ideas for our next trip!

  2. Lots of work ahead of time for a stress reduced weekend!

  3. I prep as much as I can before we go, too. We often make "foil dinners"—basically chopped vegetables, butter and seasonings you wrap in a tin foil pouch and stick on the coals. Yum!

  4. Good camping food ideas, thanks. We go camping all the time and I'm always looking for some new things to try.

  5. Camping is the best! I just went with my family on the Appalachian Trail and had a great time. The food part is difficult, though. When I'm hiking, I eat a lot of trail mix and peanut butter on tortillas. You look like you had a lot of fun! Makes me miss the woods. :)



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