Friday, December 9, 2011

001: First

Hi.  Hows it?  So I want to start blogging again.  I guess an introduction is in order?  I am Sarah.  28.  Vegan.  Front Desk Agent.  Single.  Mother of the worlds sweetest kitty.  I heart: sharks.  nail polish.  veggies.  sci-fi.  dresses.  Dont heart:  lima beans...

I have been feeling out of sorts these days...  Stuck.  Like my life is living me, not me living my life.  Lets see if I can change that.  I want to create more.  Something everyday.  It doesnt have to be big, just something creative.  Thats the goal.  I would also like more adventures and to find a job that makes me happy.  I think school first will help that, or make me crazy!  :)

I hope I can remember to do this everyday...

Create:  A tiny Christmas card complete with envelope (wish I had taken a picture...)
Confidence in really being able to do this:  50% :)

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