Saturday, January 21, 2012

017 & 018: Bump It DIY

Welcome to my very first DIY!  Super exciting.  Yesterday was our monthly bunco night.  We always have a fun theme, hats, pjs, horror movie bimbos and mine was dresses.  So we all show up dressed funny.  Last nights theme was poofs.  Nothing like 13 girls with Snookie hair.  I was extra tired after work and didnt want to tease and hairspray my hair, plus I would have to youtube how to make a poof.  I decided it would be easier to just try to make a bump it!  It turned out great. 
Before, hair is flat and unpoofed, whats a girl to do?

Items needed: 14 inches of fleece [better to use one that matches hair color, but this was a scrap I had], clip, bobby pins and brush.

 1)  Roll up fleece.
2)  Fleece will look like this.

3)  Use bobby pin to keep fleece bump it from unrolling.
4)  Pull 1 inch section of hair forward. 
5)  Place fleece bump it at base of sectioned off hair.  Secure with bobby pins.
6)  Pull hair over fleece bump it and secure with clip.

Now you are pretty hair,  even if my face isnt in this picture...  I would love to see your hair did, let me know if you try it!  Happy styling friends!  :)

Tears at work:  I got watery but didnt  actually cry!  YaY me!
Fun plans for my 3 beautiful days off:  sleep, shopping, cleaning, beach?
Bathroom Cleaning:  50% done
Create:  fleece bump it [yesterday], this diy [today]

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