Thursday, January 26, 2012

019, 020 & 021 + 022 & 023: Weekend Recap

This is mostly a photo dump.  Here is a list of my 3 days off.  Build-A-Bear.  Coffee.  2 bars.  Dancing.  Naps.  Movies.  Cuddles.  Shopping.  Make-up.  More Make-up.  Juice.  Soup.  Thai food.  New friends.  Lots of texts...  Sushi.  Laundry.  Exciting.  <3

I have been trying to post this for days...  Couldnt get the sizes of the photos right.  But who cares?  Its just a photo dump!

Creates:  Build-a-bear, napkin drawings and redo on bug necklaces, black bird necklace, the 80's, nail polish

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