Wednesday, January 18, 2012

016: Lunch and a Bracelet

My lunch was super tasty today, it doesnt look like it...  But it really was!  :)
Soup: roasted veggies [broccoli, potatoes, 3 kinds of beans, corn, carrots, onions, mushrooms], broth is Better than Bouillon and I added soaked shiitake mushrooms to make it meatier.  Before eating I added green onions and cilantro.  Toast is Dave's Killer Bread  Salad:  mix greens, red and orange pepper, mushrooms and cucumber.  Smoothie:  pear, greens, apple, cucumber, orange, and a carrot.  

My create of the day was a goal bracelet.  I made one a few months ago but it finally broke.  It is finger crocheted navy blue thread.  The point is that when I make it, I think of my goals/things to accomplish, in hope that when I look at it I will think of where I would like to be.  It kinda worked before.  I also thought about making one for every month I finished goals.  We will see...

Close up.

Errands run after work:  0, too sleepy.  Tomorrow back to 5 hour energy and not just happy light!
Wanting to run away:  35%, a few days off will help there.  Is it Friday yet?
Scaryness getting to work this AM:  55% people were driving way too slow ore way too fast!  Rain is so scary in Oregon...

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