Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love= Sharks

     i heart sharks.  Heart, Heart, Heart!!!  I love that they are ancient, focused, graceful and fierce.  They are just beautiful, but I do love most of our underwater friends.  I am sure this is one of many "Love="s on sharks!  Today my mother and I were watching Jaws of the Pacific.  I love how the narrator [Malcolm McDowell] says shark, shAhrk.  We stopped watching once they started talking about shark attacks.  Blah.  I always get heated when surfers are surprised they get bitten and spat out...  Dude you taste gross, be happy she didnt eat you!

Such pretty babies!  Dont you just want to cuddle them?  I did!  :)

Productivity:  I cleaned my bathroom and moved in metal shelves for my tiny garden, also started a new tray of wheat grass.  Lots of work!  I also smashed my hand and almost blacked out from pain.  I will take pictures tomorrow!
Eggs fried:  4
Eggs eaten:  2, the others stuck to the pan and broke.  The animals enjoyed them!
Create:  I made some rags for rag curling my hair.  I didnt leave them in long enough...  Its a slight wave.  

How was your Sunday?

heart you


  1. Do you think you would go shark diving?

    1. I would totally go shark diving! I would try to pet them...



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