Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goals and Plans

happy New year!  I guess I am a month short, but better late then never!  I started a post in the beginning of the year about goals and how much I love them, (but never finished it).  Well really I love lists and scheming, but not so much the actual work that goes into accomplishing them...  I want to do better this year.  I have to do better this year!  I made a create list (remember when I want to make something everyday?  lol That worked out!).  Didnt finish much on that list.

At the end of last year I got an ebook called Lean Secrets.  Brenda is amazing and goes into great detail on goals and using a journal to track your accomplishments.  She is also crazy focused!  Again I started, but didnt finish...  At the beginning of January I started 21 Day Yoga Body.  A other inspiring women I found on YouTube.  Sadie and her videos are so motivating!  This program was different in the fact that you get a new lesson everyday for the 21 days and there is no skipping ahead!  I did at least 10 mins of yoga 6 days a week (and really really loved it!!!), but again I was not good at the journal keeping.  Why?  I normally love stuff like that!  I think I dont know how to spend time on things I really care about.  Instead I end up watching multiple episodes of Gossip Girl and playing silly games on my phone.  Do these things really matter?  Well yeah a little, but should be done in moderation!  So last straw I got another ebook!  This time I have sucked too!  But I started a tumblr to help and have a buddy.  Excited to see if this one sticks!

Hot rollers used in my hair:  12
Time spent with rollers in my hair:  45 minutes
State of hair currently: straight with a slight wave at the ends
Amount of hair spray in my eye:  one good spray...  but my eyelashes kept their curl!

What are your goals for 2013?

heart you


  1. Good goals!! I'm so glad to see a new post!! How exciting :)



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