Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo an Hour: My 30th

i have wanted to do a "photo an hour" for a long time.  What a better way to start than my birthday?  Here we go!  :)
7:00am   Good Morning, but not getting up yet...

8:00am My hair looks amazing!

9:00am  The morning constitutional

10:00am  Breakfast at Alice's Country House.

11:00am Driving back to camp and had to check out this pretty!

12:00pm  On an adventure and you got to stand on a log.
They other side of the log I was standing on...  Yikes!

If you look closely you can see a house.  Can I haz?

1:00pm Rosie, my camping soul mate, spotted an Evening Grosbeak on the adventure.  Good spotting!

2:00pm back to camp.

3:00pm Ferngully

Margarita is so cute!

4:00pm  The trees in our campsite.

5:00pm Adventuring, again, to look for wood.  

6:00pm  Still Adventuring

Rosie found a moth.

7:00pm  Dinner.  Roasted veggies and meatloaf!
Sleepy Boone and a giant's feet.

8:00pm More trees in our site.

9:00pm Sun is disappearing but the twinkle lights are sparkling.

 10:00pm  My chair is the best and some smoke.

11:00pm  My theme song, Natalia Kills - Problem, its a dirty video...

12:00am  Fire in the velvet night.  

It was a great day and a great camping trip!  

What did you do last week?

heart you

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