Monday, August 26, 2013

Love= Freckles

      i have always loved the fact that I have freckle.  I am never covered in them but I have quite a few.  I really loved them on my checks!  In the last few years I havent gotten many freckles.  I have been in the sun just as much, if not more, as previous years but I am way better about sunscreen in my old age.  So yes less cancer but also less freckles.  It is my goal to get some on my checks before summer is over!  I tried this weekend camping, but it was cloudy.  What is up with all our unsunny camping trips Rosebud?

What do you love?

New Pandora station:  Dirt Poor Robins they have shown up on my other Pandora stations, but I never gave them much attention.  Plus I havent heard of any of the similar artists from their info page.  I love new to me music!
Shocked at how badass Walter can be:  70% dude can be scary!  Till he begs for his life...
Hopefulness for sun this weekends on my camping trip:  90% embrace the hug mother nature!!!
Fruit to pick today:  Peaches, hope I dont fall off a ladder...
New game obsession:  Pixel People.  Look it up!  It is AWESOME!

heart you

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