Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Carter Blake from Deep Blue Sea

How we would meet:  I am a research assistant helping Dr. Susan McCallister find a cure for Alzheimer's disease on Aquatica.  I would spend most of my free time watching the sharks and he spends most of his time wrangling them.  Our eyes would meet and that would be that.
Our first date:  Not sure there are many romance places on Aquatica.  A lovely picnic on the surface with a walk on the catwalks under the moon light.
Why we would be in love:  Duh our mutual love of sharks!  We would talk about them and maybe he would let me swim with them!  /swoon  I am sure we have other things in common...  I bet we could discuss our feelings on The Abyss and how we both believe in aliens living on the bottom of the ocean.  Plus we are both hot.
Our break-up:  Since everyone but Carter and Preacher die at the end, I am guessing my death would lead to our break-up...  I hope my death would be intense, scary and unexpected like Samuel L. Jackson's.  Shark comes out of nowhere and chomp, no more Sarah.  Carter would be so heartbroken he would have to move inland and never look at the ocean again...

Hours spent watching shark shows from shark week:  So far today one, DVR'd most of it and now slowly watching.
Dog baths given:  One.  Lucy was not amused.
Best thing in the mail:  2014 Ikea catalog!  O.O
Ulta trip:  I only bought face makeup cause it was buy one get one free!

You guys over shark week or are you still in heart?

heart you

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