Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day and a Hipster Mermaid

      Hiya pals!  We got a little snow.  4 inches.  Here in beautiful Portland Orygon we dont know what to do with any snow.  We dont get much and when we do the whole city shuts down.  I am ok with this.  I didnt really have anywhere to be anyway so I enjoyed the day inside.  
I made some ahMazing Mexican hot choclate, with almond milk of course.  Too bad I only have enough almond milk to make one more cup, but I have some almonds.  I also watch two movies with my parents, The Croods (new to me and I loved it!) and ParaNorman (not new to me, I have extra love for this movie cause I love Laika from my hotel days.)  I also made some mustard chicken for dinner.  First time and it was great.  I also feel more empowered to make chicken in the oven.  I am so scared of pink chicken...

I had high hopes for today.  I was going to go to a goodwill and buy some clothes for a new blog series I am working on. I will spend a small amount of monies and then remix the clothes into something new!  I got this idea after needing to make a costume for the New Years party.  I had to dress up like a mermaid and I wasnt sure what to do.  Then I decided to be a hipster mermaid.  
Not sure why I needed to make a crazy face...  It is made up of two tee shirts.  The green one is a woman's medium and it fit my hips perfectly.  I just cut below the sleeves.  The white one was a mens medium.  I cut out the neck hole and the ends of the sleeves.  I painted on the shell bra and was good to go.  Now I want to do more!  Cant wait to see where this challenge takes me.  (Ps dont you love the shark socks?)

Episodes of Asylum:  Only one!
Cups of hot tea:  3 plus the hot chocolate
Time spent writing:  0 but I had a long talk with my dad about my story.  I havent really said much of it out loud.  He liked my ideas!  :D
How do you spend your snow days?  I hope stay warm friends! 

heart you



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