Thursday, May 1, 2014

Whats In My Closet: Jeans Make Me Lazy

     jeans and I have an interesting relationship.  I used to wear them everyday.  Then I went through a phase where I didnt wear them at all, almost 6 years.  Soon after that I was back to everyday.  Once I started working at the hotel I would wear them rarely.  In the last year I started wearing them again.  I was wearing jeggings every day at the farm but soon bought real jeans to sell Christmas trees.  It would have way too cold otherwise.  Since the season ended I have still been wearing jeans an awful lot.  I dont like this.  I would say I wear dresses or skirts a large majority of the time, but just knowing I could throw on a tee shirt and jeans makes me really lazy with my style.  Sometimes this is ok, easy and relaxed.  I am afraid of falling back in to a fashion rut.  With warmer weather coming I hope to be better about not wearing jeans.  I wouldnt mind some cropped jeans, but dont want to be dependent!  I even wore them half of today, even though it was almost hot.  I was getting my hair colored.

What do you wear too much?
heart you

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