Wednesday, December 21, 2011

006: Thoughts

I been thinking about food a lot lately.  This is exciting because I have been in a food rut.  I dont ever want to cook.  I just eat veg and Asian noodles, salads for lunch.  There has been a lot of chips and dip.  Yum.  I did really enjoy the roasted veggies I made the other day.  I finished them yesterday.  Sad panda.  I ate some of the roasted eggplant and onions on toasted bread.  Amazing.  All I want is caramelized onions and soup.  I guess its cause it is so freaking cold.  Reading cookbooks doesnt help the food lust.  Oh food porn you are sooo good and sooo bad.

I went to the craft store and bought some patterns cause they were on sale for $1.99!  Sweet!  I got one that was grocery bags and one that is wallets and purses.  Zippers make me nervous so I thought it would help.  Something to add to my create list.  Exciting!

Unexpected phone calls:  So unexpected I am still a little shocked...
Nail art:  Red sparkles on my hands and silver sparkles on my feet.  :D
Excitement for Ugly Sweater Party:  90%.  My Xmas socks are amazing!

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