Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas and Zoolights

Christmas was great.  I had the day off and we ordered Chinese so I didnt have to cook, aWesome!

Tree, take out and booze.  Perfect.

The best picture of my mom and me in front of some creepy red lights.

The prettiest purple tree ever.

Who doesnt need a picture of themselves with a turkey made of lights?

Guess what this is a drawing of.  Its from a game of Pictionary from Christmas Eve.  My team won!  

Adorable dogs I get to dog sit for: one.  He is super cute!
Final ranking at Trivia:  6th  out of 8...  We could have won if we had 7 people like the winining team...  but 6 is the limit...
Tutu completion:  97.8%

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