Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ugly Sweaters and Roasted Veggies

I still cant get my music to play on my iPhone.  Currently I am listening to Florence + The Machine on my computer and didnt realize how much I missed it!  Must make my phone start working...

Yesterday was the Ugly Sweater Party.  I went straight from work.  I feel slightly bad, I wore one of my moms sweaters.  She loves it.  I think it is awful.  She said she felt like Abby from Dharma and Greg when Kitty borrows some clothes for a costume party.  Sorry Mama!  You could say this is my first outfit post.  I heart fashion blogs.  I am not very fashionable, but I like seeing what others do.  Most of them wear dresses and I heart dresses!  I am making a weird face, but I am not good at having my picture taken...  [I am also realizing this is the first picture of myself on the blog.  Heh enjoy!]

antlers:  Fred Meyers
sweater:  borrowed
leggings:  Target
boots:  Kohls

Breakfast in bed.  Roasted veg from yesterday and some brown rice.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love green onions?  Maybe a bit too much...

I was at the store yesterday picking up a few last minute gifts.  [Terrible idea, people were such jerks.  Merry Christmas to you too, asshat...]  I saw a woman with long hair, past her heinie!  Wow.  Made me wonder how long it would take me to grown mine that long.  My hair grows 1.5 inches in 2 months.  I would have to grow 2 feet of hair.  [does some math...]  It would take 2.67 years!  How crazy is that?  Makes me want to grow my hair long.  My problem is that I get bored and will cut it.  Plus when my hair is long it tries to kill me...  Not a fan.  For now I think growing it long is the goal.  Lets see how long that lasts...

I wanted to open presents with my family today, but my brother said no.  We have to wait till Christmas!  When we were kids we always opened them on Christmas Eve.  Oh well.  I hate waiting.  Tomorrow will be gifts and Chinese food.  Cant wait!  Happy holidays friends!  :)

Level of productiveness:  6 of 10
Episodes of Roseanne:  3
Interest in going to the gym:  80% till I remembered the Resolutioner would be there.  Gross.

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