Thursday, January 12, 2012

012: Love= RVs

When I grow up I want a RV.  We didnt camp when I was a kid, but my grandparents had a RV.  It had a sweet bunk above the cab.  I remember the ladder being covered in foam so it didnt hurt your feet climbing up and down.  Many good memories there.  I would love to road trip around the country as my honeymoon.  Not sure I am brave enough to go anywhere on my one, but I would like the option!  

  I love the idea of T@Bs, but I like the idea of not leaving the vehicle, all contained.  T@Bs are more about camping, not living in them.

Its been a long week.  I havent been feeling awesome and there is drama at work.  I am trying to become less involved, do my job and go home.  I am not very good at it, I get invested.  I love the people, but love the job less and less.  Someday...  The not feeling hot has made me feel uncreative.  I did buy all the materials for more bug necklaces.  I even went to Harbor Freight and bought a new dermal and soldering iron!  Totally scared it... But I bought it so I have to be brave!

Polar Bear in a tutu acquired:  0, Build-A-Bear is closed for remodeling..
Nut Milk bag acquired:  one and it is awesome!
Cuddle time with Charlotte:  lots due to accidental naps...
Create:  Green Juice strained with nut milk bag, way easier than I thought it would be!  [totally create cop out, tomorrow is a new day!]

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