Monday, January 9, 2012

011: Sunday Night: Braids and Stars

It's been a few weeks since our Sunday nights were normal.  Holidays make people busy.  It was a lovely time and good to see friends, we also made a new one.  She was nice but chatty.  It is different experiences being sober at the bar.  I am a one drink wonder.  I have one drink and then I switch to soda water.  We play music on the jukebox and sometimes play pool, but I am not a fan...

I was in charge of the salad face.  He has red hair and a mustache.  Kinda proud.
This pic is what I am counting as my create.  My friend Rosie took the picture on a sweet camping trip over the summer using Hipstamatic.  I made it star like using Percolator.  

How was your Sunday?

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