Saturday, January 7, 2012

010: Foot baths and Tiny Wine

It was a very long week.  Drama and randomness.  Unchangeable, but life goes on.  When I got home from work, very late, I dont change into my jammies and cuddle my cat [like the rest of the week, she seemed a wee bit sad about this...].instead I watched one and half episodes of How I Met Your Mother, ate way too much of my Chipotle Burrito and sat in front of my happy light.  I think this really helped me be able to leave my house agian!  I convinced my mom to go with me to Office Depot, for a fancy pen for my fancy new calender, I also needed eye drops and a cheap monthly calendar.  3 stores later, I found my recycled water bottle pens, eye drops, whole living magazine and other shinny things but no calendar.  Then I saw a foot bath.  It looked amazing.  I made a comment about how I am old and would love nothing more than to go home and soak my feet and drink a tiny wine!  My mother informed me that she had one!  So excited!  Come to find out, it is older than me.  I thought I was going to get electrocuted!  Not how I want to go.  Either way it worked out and I felt totally relaxed.  All Stars Project Runway helped too or maybe it was the wine?

Someday, my darling, you will be mine!

There is a cooking show on and I keep getting distracted... A yummy sauteed veg, makes me want to garden!

Text messages sent this week:  Not enough!  I have been neglecting...
Friendly voices on the other end of the phone at work:  Two and they are two of my faves!
Tears at work:  Zero!  Go us!  We will check this again on the 23rd...  Guessing it wont be as good.
Create:  Amenities at work, kinda counts...

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