Monday, February 13, 2012

028 & 029: Sunday Night recap

how Sunday night went down.  I worked till 10pm then got to go to the bar!  Before that I finished my Triceratops necklace.  I think it turned out pretty badass.
It isnt a smart necklace to do a lot of hugging in.  The horns will get ya...

I was talked into playing pool.  I got 3 in, in 3 games and only because no one was looking!  Good thing we were playing teams!

I also got a Valentines Bear from my Tiny Friend!  

Sadly she had some tooth pain so I had to get a little salad...  I am not cool enough for a salad face on my own...

But I did finish it all on my own!  3 mushrooms, 2 olives and 1 slice of cucumber were stolen...

Tonight I painted some tiny butterflies silver.  It was very soothing.  Tomorrow they will be necklaces!  :)

I did end up with some silver fingers...  Oh well.  It was worth it!  :)

Marilyn movies watched:  2.  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and No Business Like Show Business
Time spent cleaning my room:  2 hours... I did get distracted by old journals and pictures.
Friends seen:  One, Casey for lunch.  Two Facebooks stalked.
Creates:  Triceratops Necklace and Painted Butterflies

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