Saturday, February 11, 2012

027: Dino Skulls, Waterfalls and Enchanted

     Two work stories. Number one. A Japanese guest came to the desk and showed me a picture of Multnomah Falls on his phone. All his friend said was "address". I pulled out directions and sent them on their way. Right before I was done for the day, they came back and showed me a picture he had taken of the real Falls. It was so cute. They just kept repeating "beauty, beauty!"  Next story. One of our long term guests came in for breakfast, near the end and everyone was gone. He always wears Harley Davidson shirts and is from the south.  He asked if I could change the channel. I went to give him the remote but he knew what channel he wanted. "24. Enchanted is on. I started watching it in my room". I could have hugged him! It was just starting and he stayed till it was over so I got to watch it too.  I love that movie...  Good times!  :)  And I drew the hearts on our chalkboard.

My Create was painting little dinosaur skulls I bought. They started out an icky brown orange color.  Tomorrow I am going to add black to highlight the details and drill holes in them to make them necklaces.  I am pretty stocked!  They turned out way shinier than I had anticipated.  I had a bunch more that I started painting but they need a second coat.  

Episodes of Earth 2:  four...  It has been a cuddle day!
Surveys completed:  3 from receipts from my major shopping day.  Freddy's, Ulta and Ross.  Ross was the longest.  Hope I get some gift cards!  :)
Smoothie:  Orange, half an Apple and a hand full of spinach plus ice.  Super tasty!

What did you make today?

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