Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Captain Jack Sparrow

How we would meet:  Isla Tortuga of course!  Our eyes would meet across the crowded bar.  Me being the innocent serving wench that I am, carrying a bottle of rum, he a rugged pirate with an empty cup.  What more do you need?
Our first date:  5 minutes later at a table.  He would tell me all about his adventures and I would keep his glass full.
Why we would be in love:  Wenches always for fall for pirate captains and pirate captains always fall for wenches.  Plus we are both hot.
Our break-up:  One hour later.  He would have to get back to his ship and I would have tables to clean, but we would always have Tortuga...

Create:  Started my first diorama.  Well I painted it black.  Tomorrow I will paint the inside gold...  Stay tuned!

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