Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap: Pepperpony & Air Hockey

     Photo dump of my week.  Buncos theme was sports fan.  I picked my favorite team ever.  The Beer Whores, our pub trivia team name.  Plus I had the shirt.  Turns out it wasnt very lucky cause I only had 4 wins...  Out of 24!  Oh well, I made my money back!  :)

No buncos...

My lunch treat on Saturday.  Hummus pizza = ahMazing

Girls from game night.  I got to cuddle a baby and chase a big brother.  heart.  We also played some of the closes Flip Cup games ever.  Ever!  Almost everyone got it on their first try.  It was amazing.  

Sunday night salad face.  I added the olives to the eyes.  Totally helps.

I had two adult beverages!  /Shock.  Only cause we got there at 8...  Too early...

Today I was a bum.  I did laundry, but only started it 2 hours ago.  I also went shopping, but only bought enough food for tomorrow.  I am having a rough time coming up with meal plans.  All I want to ingest is smoothies.  I know I need to eat more than that and I get confused.  I found some recipes for some of my favorite Thai foods.  I think I will try them this week.  Sadly I wrecked my favorite pan.  I was steaming asparagus and left the heat on too high and it burnt 2 pounds of asparagus!  Then I went to dump it and dropped the pan causing it to bend.  I would take a picture but I will cry seeing it again...  Sad day...  

Creates:  None, but I have some awesome ideas for diorama. :)

Hope you have a great week!  

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