Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Richard Castle

How we would meet:  A murder happens at the hotel.  The killer is from New York so of course Castle and Beckett have to come here to find them.  He would come to the Front Desk to ask if we knew anything.  Our eyes would meet and that would be that.
Our first date:  Dinner somewhere fancy downtown.  After we could walk around the water front till my feet started to hurt from my fancy shoes.
Why we would be in love:  I would love him because of the witty things he would say and the eye crinkles he gets when he smiles.  He would love me for my sarcasm, makes him miss New York less.  Plus we are both hot.
Our break-up:  He would have to go home eventually and my home is here.  Maybe if I ever end up in new York again we could meet up.  Teehee.  Plus he really loves Beckett... Duh.

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