Thursday, February 9, 2012

Productivity & Failing

     Today was a great day off.  I woke up at 5am (downfall of working so early in the morning), but fought being awake till 9:30.  Ate some yummy toast.  Made some lists.  Watched My Name Is Earl.  Got pretty.  Had lunch with my great friend Casey at Chipoodle.  Visited my friend Jessica at her work for coffee, my mom joined me at this point.  Saw my friend Crysie's car at her work, but didnt make it over to say.  I did wave!  Then Ulta, Michaels and Ross.  To end the day I used a gift card to Jamba Juice.  Got green juice, tasty...  Now I am home watching more My Name Is Earl, cuddling with my Char Char.  I have to be careful watching this show.  I start talking like Joy.  Hey Dummy!

I have been doing some thinking [no it didnt hurt] and I am not doing very well at my Create Challenge.  I forget about it... I come up with ideas for things to do, but dont do them.  This is my problem.  I bought stuff for making necklaces today and I am super excited about them, but have very little desire to actually make them.  I think this is mostly because I dont have a craft space anymore.  I need to rearrange my room so I have a place to craft that is just for crafting.  Dont get me wrong, the kitchen table works fine, till someone wants to eat...  Weirdos.  Plus I cant blast any music I want.  So I have been making plans for craft wall/area. Now I just need to do it!  

My goal for the rest of the night is to make my lunch for tomorrow and paint one dino skull for a necklace.  Doable.  Right?  What are you up to? 

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