Sunday, February 26, 2012

Outfit: Pink Flowers and Navy [nightgowns are not just for sleeping]


     Look what I made!  I have been wanting to make headers for my recurring themed blogs and today I started making some.  Example is above, the font is called Simply*Glamorous.  I had tea with three lovely friends, Melissa, Julie and Warren.  They have each started blogging!  So excited!  We also did a wee photo shoot.  Thanks Melissa for taking my bEAutiful pictures!  :)

Sweater:  Thrifted
Dress:  Old Navy Sleepwear
Tank:  Old Navy
Leggings:  Target
Boots:  Famous Footwear
Owl Necklace:  Fred Meyers

    It has been nice and sunny, but very very cold, till we started to leave and the sky got very angry!  It rained all the way home, there was even a little snow mixed in.  I wish it would snow for real.  I want one real snow day this year!

Episodes of Castle watched:  2.  Heart him soooo...
Times I looped the coffee shop before finding it:  3, I can NEVER find that place!!!
Plans for tomorrows day off:  Lunch with Casey, Coffee with Jessica and a movie with my mother!  Busy!
Create:  Blog theme headers

How is your weekend?

Sincerely yours


  1. I wanna do a blog - can you make my life not so busy so I can do something simple lol :) 6 more months, 6 more months, 6 more months. It's still so damn far away

    1. 6 months will fly by! To bad I will be in school then! You should totally blog! Write simple things. You can write about how awesome I am! That would be a great blog! ;)



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