Friday, February 24, 2012

History Lesson: Smoking

     i smoked for nine years.  The picture above is from when I was 18.  I am probably smoking a Newport.  Then I smoked a pack a week.  At 22[ish] I started rolling my own with a machine and smoked half a pack a day.  My boyfriend, at the time, made me give up menthol, which was a good idea.  I loved smoking.  The way it tasted and relaxed me.  I knew I needed to quit, but didnt really want to, till two years ago.  First I tried the patch, which almost killed me.  So gross and the nightmares it gave me /shudder...  I decided I started on my own, I had to quit on my own.  I cut all the way down to half  a cigarette a day.  Then life got complicated and I started up again.  January [oops... I forget the date], I tried to quit again.  This time it worked!  It is so strange now to think that I spent more of my adult life as a smoker then not.  I have had a few drags when drinking but it was only a handful of times.  I do like to "fake" smoke.  Go outside when my friends smoke and hold an unlit cigarette.  Makes me feel like I am still part of the cool kids!  It is also fun to explain to drunks that it is unlit for reason.  I am still very proud of myself for quitting.  I do have to admit, giving up dairy was way more difficult! I also feel like I should say nice things about the people who put up with me when I was quitting.  I heart you and thanks for not killing me!  :)

Create:  None.  It was Friday and I needed to hibernate....

What did you have to give up?


  1. I gave up carbs in October, I reduced my diet from mostly carbs to only 20g = or < carbs a day, and it was so hard I daydreamed about cakes and donuts even though I don't like donuts. I needed to lose weight desperately so I did it and I'm glad I did, I've lost 43lbs so far. A week ago I decided to give up on wheat so I'm now eating low-carb + gluten free. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Wow good for you! I gave up gluten for 2 months. I would get sick when I drank beer and I thought it was the gluten... I was wrong! Turns out I was allergic to hops. Sad day... I would like to go low carb again, but then I see bread and I crumble! I had a great weekend and I hope your's was great too! :)

      Ps that was my first comment! Thanks! :)



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