Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rocky Raccoon

     meet Rocky Raccoon.  He has moved on to our front "porch".  I discovered him the other night when coming home from the bar.  He was sleeping in our cat, Bender's, bed.  When I walked up to the door, I called him, wondering why he was still out.  I got quite a shock when a masked face turned around, but didnt run away.  I squeaked in the charming way I do and ran in the house.  I came back out and he was asleep again.  Hence the picture...  This was on Sunday.  He has been back every night since.  Today we throw out the bed, cause he is clearly sick and little nubs that used to be ears.  Tonight he was sleeping where the bed used to be.  He woke up when I took the trash out, but he didnt move.  We decided to move the bed back cause he doesnt have much longer.  So sad.  I really wish he could go to the neighbors yard to die...
Poor buddy.

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Sincerely yours


  1. Yeah but he left so I am guessing he is fine! Well that is what I am choosing to believe!



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