Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adventure: Birds, Grandmothers and Creepy Houses

     today was filled with ups and downs.  Yesterday was my Grandmothers 88th birthday.  Today we drove to The Dalles to have lunch with her and her friends.  

me, Grandma and Bruder 
Creepy Houses

Me going into a creepy house.  I was scared

uh oh one fell down...


my Cobb salad - meat and cheese + lots of veggies=yummy!  There is lettuce under there...


Tempeh Burger from Full Sail

On a sad note my car is broken!  Some kind of belt broke.  I had to get her towed home.

Sightings:  3 Red-tail Hawks, 1 Bald Eagle and 13 Walmart trucks
Wishlist:  Genie Bra I think I will order one this week...



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