Thursday, March 15, 2012

Copy Cat & Bad Scales

     i have been stressing a lot lately.  There is a lot going on, figuring out work schedules and getting ready for school.  Another ball I am attempting to juggle is my weight.  I had hopped that being a vegan I would loose weight.  I didnt.  I feel better, have more energy and have lots more muscle tone [I think that is more cause I stand all day at work and go to the gym.] but I weight more!  I dont reallly care about the numbers, but I would like to look better by now!  I do hear that my face is skinny, and its true, but I want more!  I eat really well and used to work out at the gym on the super elliptical.  I have decided I need to do better.  I am going to start eating less carbs and start lifting weights.  What I really need to do is premake meals so I dont have to stress about food and make bad choices.  Cause that is when I am naughty with food, when I am hungry!  The idea to blog about it was stolen from my new friend Warren over at A Lighter Burrito.  I hope to blog about it just so I am accountable.  I want to be smaller and stronger.  I would be happy just not to have a big belly!  Either way I am beautiful and amazing!  :)

Nap:  Yep.  I need to sleep as much as I can cause soon I cant!
Wait lists for classes:  3...  but stress level has dropped 70%!
Wishing:  It was Friday so I could watch Grimm...

What are you working on today?

heart you

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