Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Eddie Monroe

How we would meet:  Again since Grimm is in Portland, we could meet anywhere.  The best bet would be in the produce section of a grocery store.  We would both reach for the purple organic kale and that would be that.
Our first date:  Since he is a vegetarian it would be much easier to find places to go.  [Granted I can eat anywhere and be fairly happy.]  He doesnt seem to go out much and he is a good cook so maybe he would make me dinner at his house.  Beet sausage?
Why we would be in love:  Maybe I just have a thing for Blutbads, cause they are strong and wild.  I do only develop feelings for boys that dont like me.  Or maybe its the grandpa sweaters.  Yeah, I think it is the sexy sweaters! Plus we are both hot.
Our break-up:  I think we could make it work for awhile.  He would work on his clocks and I could knit him more sweaters.  We would eat lots of veggies.  I could learn many useless facts about trains.  But in the end I think it would be over because Nick would put him in too much danger and I would worry.  It would be bad enough worrying that people would find out what he really is...

Worst:  It was my Monday and I had to go back to work!
Best:  It was my Monday and I had to go back to work, but I got lots of hugs!  :)  And asparagus was on sale!  :)
Love:  Listening to rain in the bath.
Drama:  I signed up for classes [ekkkkkkkkkkkkk] and my car is still broke, but Bruder thinks he can fix it.

I have lots of blog ideas and plans before school starts... Hope I can get it all done!  April 2nd is coming up soon. 

What exciting things are you starting?

heart you


  1. I think he sounds perfect for you!

  2. I hate April 2nd already. Round 2 of Econ, just shoot me now

    1. Heh yeah I am pretty scared in general!



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