Sunday, March 25, 2012

JF Day Two: A New Juicer

    i want to get a new juicer.  I worry that the one I have wont make it.  I paid like $60 for it a year ago[?].  I have been looking around and I think I found my new best friend.  The Breville Juice Fountain Plus.  Just wish I had the money to get it now...  Hmmm.

What I Drank
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice  Used less ginger today
Citrus Inspired Green Juice  Pretty good, I used 3 oranges instead
Purple Power Juice  Grapes are super hard to get in a juicer...
Gazpacho Juice  I am about to make!  Excited!

I feel better today then yesterday!  I even went out shopping.

Getting ready for the bar!  Have a great weekend!  :)

heart you

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