Saturday, March 24, 2012

JF Day 1: Not so bad!

What I Drank 
Water with Lemon, with in 30mins of wakingCarrot Apple Ginger Juice,  Will wake you up!Mean Green Juice, yummy and mildSunset Blend Juice, best so far!  Creamy and sweet, but not overlyLots of water
[I could have had two more drinks, but didnt really need them...]

I feel pretty good!  I think having 2 smoothies a day for months and then 2 juices day for a week really helped.  Helped transition.  Start small folks!  :)

I had to cut bits out cause I rambled and got distracted...
  • Looking a blogs if tough!  People keep posting yummy food!  Jerks! But I didnt make an "After Fast" favorite folder so I can makeall the goodies!
  • I pee every 12 minutes
  • Went on a walk with my mom
Arms:  13 inches
Chest:  36 inches
Waist:  38 inches
Hips:  45 inches
Thighs:  26.5  inches
Weight:  180 lb  [now down 7!  Not that it means much yet!]

This post was kinda all over...  Maybe tomorrow will I focused!  :)

heart you

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