Friday, March 23, 2012

Juice Fast: My Last and First Meals

     happy Friday!  I wanted my friend/coworker to take a video of me taking my last bite of real food.  She suggested that we tape the whole thing and speed it up, she is smart.  It was fun to watch it again.  We laughed a lot.  It is very strange to watch videos of yourself eating, well for me, videos of me in general.  I dont think I look at myself much anymore.  I glance in the mirror after I am dressed and hope I look ok, I use a tiny mirror to put on my makeup so I never get the whole picture.  I had no idea this is what I really looked like.  In my head I am smaller.  When I watch the videos, its like I have a fat suit on.  I cant believe this is what I really look like.  I am not saying this in a negative/hurtful, I just had no idea this was how far I let myself go.  I was chubby in high school.  I was the funny friend.  My senior year I lost the weight and was very skinny till I turned 24.  Then it all went downhill…  I had no idea this was going to be such an experiment of self-examination. 

My phones video space was filled right before my last bite, created some drama, but it ended up ok!

My first official juice!  The onion made it a bit intense.  I have been drinking lots of green drinks so I wanted to mix it up!

I also shot a video if me shopping today, with the help of my ahMazing mother.  Still working on editing it.  

What I Ate Drank [since I got home from work]
Wheat grass with green juice
Peppermint Tea

Number of times I have peed since I got home:  7
Questions:  What will my poop be like?  [sorry if thats TMI]
Hunger Level:  My last meal was at noon.  Its 11:30pm.  I was really hungry around 8, but the juice helped.  Right now I feel more empty, than actually hungry.
Wish:  That my juicer survives this!
Can I do this for 15 days:  So far YES!  :)
Plans for tomorrow:  Sleep, rest, movies, not kill anyone...
Create:  The two videos

Do you think this is a good idea?

heart you


  1. I am in LOVE with your video! I am proud of you for giving the fast a go, hope it gives you all the results you are looking for :)

    P.S. You look BEAUTIFUL...ESPECIALLY in person! :)

    <3 Casey

    1. Thanks Friends!!! :) I am excited to see you blog!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Video makes you look 20 lbs (or something like that) heavier. This is why people have to be extra skinny to be on tv which is just lame. Best of luck! But you don't actually like what you do on video. Promise. It's a 3d world not 2d. Cameras (single photos) are easier to trick then a video camera.

  3. You rock! Keep up the good work! I think it's totally brave. I'm too picky about veggies that I couldn't do this, lol.



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