Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Movie I Watched: Being Elmo

     i have always loved that Elmo's voice is by a black man.  I had always figured it was a tiny white girl.  Either way I love Jim Henson [and everything he Muppets] and to see how Kevin Clash find his way into his world was pretty awesome.  It was sweet and charming!  The kid that visited at the end was my favorite part.  The kid was totally a natural and I cant wait to see what he does when he grows up.  I did cry like a baby when Kevin talked about Jim Hensons death.  I kept thinking of this picture.  Kills me every time!

I wish I still had the passion I had as a kid.  I took a puppeteering class in middle school and I liked it.  [We wrote a play and I got to be the grandfather...]  Watching this movie made me want to make a puppet!  One of my coworkers told me my creates should be puppets, since I use so many silly voices at work...  Good thing or bad?  I am really considering it, but I dont really have a character in mind.  Seems like that should come first or is it the voice?  I have plenty of those!  I always wonder how they can keep all the voices they do straight in their heads.  Either way puppets are going on the list!

Being Elmo is now on Netflix Instant so go watch.  Right now.  Go!

Create:  None, I did work on reorganizing my room while watching the movie.  That has to count for something....

What are your favorite Seasame Street characters?  Mine are Snuffy, Grover and Oscar!

Sincerely yours

PS Muppets were just on the episode of 30 Rock I am watching, talking to Kenneth!  Crazy!  Its a sign!

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