Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Hap Lasser

     i have been catching up on Grimm.  [I am so far behind!]  I really like that it is in Portland, but I hate it too.  I am afraid people are going to see how awesome it is here and want to move...  Its not awesome folks stay home!  Was that convincing?  Cause I love it here.  

How we would meet:  Since Grimm is in Portland, we could meet anywhere.  My guess is that it would be a liquor store where he would be buying booze and cigarettes.  We would laugh at the same obscene shot glass and that would be that.
Our first date:  I am not sure where a blutbad and a vegan could dine together, maybe a picnic.  He could have his pork product and I could make a salad.  Maybe after we could go back to his dome house and watch a movie.
Why we would be in love:  We all know that "cavemen" think I am hot.  Just look at who writes to me on my dating sites!  I am a sucker for big shoulders.  [Or maybe I am still in heart with Owen from October Road, he is hotter with more facial hair!]  Plus we are both hot.
Our break-up:  When he dies...  I was so crushed that the stupid pig shot him!  I wanted him to be a regular...  He could live with Monroe forever!  Very Odd Coupleish.  /sigh...

Productive day off?  15%  I applied to PCC.  Got kinda stressed.  Not really sure what I am doing...  What do I take?  Do I transfer?  Will I get a good job in the end?  ekk!  breath.
Slept in till:  11:45!  What!  I did wake up every hour after 6am but still!  :)
Episodes of Grimm:  10 mins.  I wasnt near a TV...
Create:  I found some fun DIYs on miniatures!  I think that will be fun for dioramas!  I also started the first scary movie edit!  YaY

Sincerely yours

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