Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dont call it a comeback...

      hello friends!  Remember me?  I totally dropped off the map...  School was nuts and then I got a promotion at work and then there was summer.  Summer has been amazing so far!  I cant believe it is Septembers...  Time flies when you are having fun.  This summer has been, camping, camping, camping, floating in inner tubes with bags of wine, sunburns, learning a new job, my birthday(!!! I am 29 now...), boys, bbqs, volleyball, watermelon, bonfires, beach trips, new friends, gluten free fun and most recently a craft bazaar!

I took last Friday off work for a Quilt Show that my mother and I had a booth at.  It was an interesting show, our first, but not last this year!  Not many visitors and not many looking for scarves!  

My mother and I in our hiding place, we didnt get much space so we had to sit next to our stuff.  The scarves are hanging on a "ladder" we made out of PVC pipe.  It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Front of our booth.  Pretty bare, but I didnt make anything new for this show cause I didnt get the bezels I ordered till a few days before.  Not enough time to cure. 

After looking at these pictures I am wishing I had put the blue scarves on the right not the left..  Live and learn.  My mom is so cute and proud!  She is the best little sales lady ever!  She was even bragging on Melissa's rings!  Ps her set up was awesome!  Its makes the shows more fun to have someone fun to sit with!

Since it is Sunday here is a salad I got at the show.  Each day they had lunch you could get for a donation.  It was soup, salad and buiscuts.  All homemade.  I couldnt eat any of it!  The salad they had out had cheese in it, but one of the sweet volenteers made me a special salad!  She even added blueberries.  I have never had blueberries in a salad, but I loved it!

Blog Missing Level:  8, I cant get busy and stop again!
Productivity:  I watched the Ravens game (we lost... sad day...) with a mud mask on and made some chopped salads.  Trying better to get ahead for the week.  Did not do laundry.  Oops...
Excited for:  Camping!!!  My last trip of the summer and we leave Friday!  
Create:  I totally forgot about these goals but I need to start up again!

How was your summer?  Did you miss me?

heart you



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