Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What You Missed: The New Male in My Life and My New Office.

      there is a new guy in my life.  His name is Bob and he lives on my desk in my office at work!  I love him!  He was gift from my coworkers.  His tank looks so bare, I have since added a live plant that flowers and has take over!  He watches me work and swims to the surface when I feed him.  He defiantly brightens my days!

And now a tour of my office the first day of my promotion.  I should take new pictures, it looks so diffident now!  Sorry they are blurry, I was excited!  

I totally deserve all the confetti!  I have messed up many many many others work spaces for birthdays and anniversaries!  Pay back is a bitch!

These are the most beautiful flowers I have every been gifted with!  It was so nice that my birthday fell on the same week!  I got lots of pretties for my office!

Another gift!  :)

Regret:  Yesterday, eating Thai food that was too hot for me, but I ate anyway cause I was that hungry!
To Do List:  1.)  Make a to do list...  I have my premade camping list done, but I need a food list for this trip.  
Love:  The many bracelets my dear friend Andrea gave me.  I jingled all over the office today!
Movie:  ParaNorman.  I saw 6 names I knew!  
Create:  Nothing, I had good ideas for jalapeno popcorn.  yumm

What have I missed with you?  Seen any good movies?

heart you

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