Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What You Missed: My Birthday Cake and the Sharks That Ate it

     my birthday was in June.  I turned 29...  I still havent decided how I feel about that number.  Either way every year I have a picnic in the park to celebrate.  We have a bbq and people bring side dishes.  Its lots of fun.  After we play volleyball till it gets dark.  We arent very good, but it is always amusing.  I end up with sore abs from laughing and bruises on my hands for hitting the ball, not that I hit it much...  This year I made a vegan chocolate cake from a box with dark chocolate frosting that I melted over dark chocolate chips.  I am not a super big fan of chocolate, but my cakes always end up super chocolaty, dont know why.  This year three sharks showed up and tried to eat it!  

They were super scary and a gift from my mother.  I love her!

Hours worked:  11, I came in late on Tuesday had to make up some hours, but 11 is a bit much!
Readiness for camping:  0%  Not really, I did laundry and I have some food ready, but still no list.
Redness of hair:  Very little.  Henna sucks.  It fades so crazy fast!  I just redid it a month ago!
Create:  None, but I did make a great salad of mixed home grown tomatoes from a friend.  Our tomatoes didnt make it this year...

What is your favorite birthday cake?

heart you

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