Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Earworm: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

i think I might be in love with Imagine Dragons...  Like really.  Every time I hear Radioactive I swoon!  I made a Pandora station for them.  Love all of it!  I love them extra after watching the music video.  Ready for the awesomeness?  Fighting muppets...  True story!  And then there is Lou Diamond Phillips!  So good!

Guilty:  I went shopping after work and before I could leave the parking lot I had to open my almonds because it has been so looooong since I had any.  Then I remembered I had some yesterday... I might have a problem...
Hair:  I attempted to make fancy milkmaid knots...  Half fail.  But in other news I may dye it super red on Thursday.  Stay tuned.
Designing Women Episode:  The one where Mary Jo tries the dating book.  I should  try standing outside mens rooms, I bet I could find a man that way...

heart you


  1. That video is great & hilarious!

    Ps: let me know how it goes standing outside bathrooms. (I think I've figured out our real problem is location) and one word: blonde!

  2. I love that music vid, but i think i might actually love that song more! Also, Nick saw the video before I did and we laid in bed last sunday morning watching it on my phone and giggling. I love giggling in bed.

    And really girls? Bathroom lurking? Don't worry about finding a boy, your birthday is right around the corner, and you know what that means! ;)



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