Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adventure: Picking Peaches

     this week I went peach picking with my mom.  We have been talking about going for a while and finally went.  As we drove to the farm it started to rain!  We got out of the car and by the time we found a cart the rain had stopped.  I wasnt super excited to pick in the rain but knew I could if need be.  I am a hardcore Oregon girl after all.

Buddy helped us pick.

My mom and I had a race, I am totally winning!

Sad...  Every time I heard a peach thump to the ground it hurt my heart.

My mom is sooooo cute!

 We picked 21 lbs!

Peaches eaten:  3
Thoughts on Justin and his glue gun:  I loved the idea, but his dress didnt really work out...  I want to make hot glue lace!  (yeah I am behind...)
Dogs bathed:  One and she was such a good girl!
Lists made:  6, only one for camping this weekend...
heart you

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