Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore: Green Dress for FroYo

     melissa and I went out for Frozen Yogurt at YoZone this week.  Its my fave place cause they have non dairy chocolate!!!!  OMG amaizing!  Rosie told me about it and I didnt believe her!  I told her if she was wrong she had to buy, but she was right!  There is no picture of the yummyness cause I always start eating it before I can think to snap a picture.  Oops... Maybe next time... 

 I am so NOT awkward about having my picture taken...  Thanks Melissa for taking the photos and saying I was cute enough to need them! ;)

Sunglasses:  Gift from New Years, 3 years ago?
Dress:  Walgreens last year, crazy huh?
Feather Ring:  Gift from Rosie
Wedges:  Famous Footwear last year
Purse:  Jansport, 10 years ago?

Watching:  Breaking Bad, yo
Lip gloss shade:  Dustin
Goals planned:  4, getting excited!
Words written total:  5,158
What are you wearing today?

heart you



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