Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

     i have been watching a LOT of Breaking Bad...  I started watching on Sunday night and I am now in the middle of...  Season 3...  Hardcore right?  I am like that with shows, a champion marathoner!  I mostly just let it run in the background.  Lets be clear, I am not even sure I like Jesse but I wanted a Breaking Bad post.  Ps, show is not a happy one.

How we would meet:  We do not run in the same crowd!  It would have to be a chance/random meeting.  The first time maybe in a coffee shop.  He still wearing oversized clothes and a silly hat.  He hits on me.  Starting with a "Yo".  I laugh but politely decline.  We would meet again months later after Jane.  He is far less thug-like and far more like a person.
Our first date:  Revisiting the first coffee shop where we first met.  We would chat and laugh.  I am sure he can be very charming, he seems to get what he wants, kinda.  There would be a lot less Yo Yoing.
Why we would be in love:  I am sure it would start with my good looks then he would see how funny I am but in the end it would be my great knowledge of meth cooking...  Plus we are both hot!
Our break-up:  When he gets his ass kicked by Hank and he becomes super anger and bitter.  I would also refuse to help him make meth and I would want to fix up the RV for road trips.

heart you

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