Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adventures: Camping Trip 4

     technically this was my 5th camping trip this summer but 4th since I started 101 in 1,001.  Totally makes sense...  This one was for the second half of Rosie and Nick's honeymoon.  So this is just going to be a bunch of pictures of the trip!  Enjoy!

so grainy, but we are still cute!

I really want a picture of my tent glowing in the dark from a lantern inside, but the one I brought was to weak...  Next summer?  Maybe I need to make a camping want-to-do list.

I put off working on this post all day.  It makes me sad...  The summer is over/ish.  No more camping.  I will miss it so!  I am also sad I have to go back to the real world.  Bummer...

Favorite time:  Noon thirty
New caterpillars:  I saw 3 kinds I had never seen before!  Nuts!
Looking forward to:  Sweater weather
Missing:  My innertube.  We did not spend enough time together this summer...  Sorry pal!

heart you

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