Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

     i should have started writing this post before looking at pictures...  I am teary now...  Today is my sweet bable kitty's 12th birthday!  Charlotte (Charmalatas, Charmy, Char Char Binks or Binksies) was born September 1st, 2001.  I was 18 and getting ready to move out.  I wanted two cats to take with me, sisters so they would have a friend.  My dad volunteered at our local library and one of the librarian's friend had taken in a stray that was pregnant.  The strays name was Box, (I still love that name...)  and she had three kittens.  Wilbur was named by the women caring for the kitties, he was a chubby white fluff ball.  I figured I would keep with the theme and name my two girls Charlotte (for the spider) and Fern (for the little girl) in Charlotte's Web.  When they were big enough we moved to my first apartment together.  When they were 5 years old Fern got a cold and I took her to the vet, she screamed in the car and made awful gasping noises.  I had no idea she was so sick, I even yelled at her when I tried to get her in the cage, something I will away s regret.  I got her to the vet and they tried to revive her, but it was no good.  She died.  It was such a shock.  I dont remember much about being there.  They did an autopsy, cause they asked and I pretty much agreed to everything, dont ask a girl who just lost her cat to make any decisions!  They found out she had fluid in her lungs and heart.  Also that she had an enlarged heart and should have died at birth.  I figured I was pretty lucky to have had her as long as I did!  I still am very grateful for her, she was a sweetish/evil kitty that loved her mama.  I was told to get Char in to have her heart checked and sure enough she too had an enlarged heart.  With this news I tried to never take her for granted, even when she wants to cuddle and I dont and she makes me nuts...  So to honor her, on this the day of her birth, I will list 12 things I love about her.

  1. If you say the word Breakfast she will freak out!  Cause it means she will be feed.  
  2. That she hates to hear me cry and wont leave me alone if I am, this is also very annoying...
  3. She has mole the upper part of her eye that you can only see when she is chasing bugs.  Also that she loves to chase bugs and was going to save me for the bat that got in our room...
  4. She looks at me like I am crazy when I tell her I have to get up when we are cuddling, cause I have to do something productive.
  5. That she had a hairless belly, she used to pull her hair out and never really grew back.
  6. She will come running if you shake her catnip or ask if she wants Kitty Weed.  
  7. That she taps me on the arm when I am not paying enough attention to her in a sweet, hey you, way.
  8. That the markings on her side spell out JOY.
  9. That she is tan/brown and black like a duckling.  
  10. That she took my seat when I got up to tinkle just now...  brat...
  11. How excited she is when I come home after being away, even if it has only been a few hours.
  12. That she is tough and would take on a dog if she could.  This why she is an only kitty...

And most of all I love her for loving me!  

Char and Fern were babies.

Fern and Char loved to cuddle

Sleepy Char

Char and Fern

I love when she hold her face and sleeps...

"Hey, I was sleeping!"

When we were all babies...

There was much distaction in writing this.  The fuzzball was in my lap and is now very disgruntled that I am typing and not petting...  Again, brat!

I had to wait to the end to add the pictures for fear of crying...  I will miss my Ferny Wron always...

heart you

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