Monday, September 2, 2013

Wrap Up: August 2013

     august has been a busy month!  Filled with lots of big events!  I started blogging a lot more often.  I saw the idea for a review of the month post from The Dainty Squid a few years ago...  I loved it!  So here is mine for August 2013.  


  • Breaking Bad - I watched 4 seasons in 2 weeks.  I had to take a wee break and watch some Bob's Burgers again to decompress.  
  • Star Trek Into Darkness - I waited a very long time to see it.  My mom and I went to a super old/cheap theater.  We drank beer and made nerdy jokes.  I loved the movie.  Karl was amazing as always!
  • Ruby Gloom - A silly and sweet show I found on Netflix.  The song gets stuck in my head for days.  I love how kind a places Gloomsville is.  Not sure I could pick a favorite, but Misery is pretty awesome!
  • Decoy Bride - This might be in my top ten movies, but I never remember it.  I am Katie.  Some great quotes!  I love the depressing view of love.  
    • "There is somebody out there for you, somebody sensitive and faithful and kind, but you'll never meet him if you're hiding here." Mom  "Good.  I dont want to meet him, he sounds like a twat.  Anyway, I'm like kryptonite to men.  Kryptonite dipped in cellulite."  Katie. 
    • "If you dont mind me saying Katie... You've ah.. ah.. such a, such a terrible taste in man."  Laird. "I know, I've gone man vegan.  They say after the first six years, you don't miss them anymore."  Katie
    • "Do you like him?"  Mom  "He's an emotionally retarded arty boy who's in love with another woman.  /sigh Of course I like him."  Katie
  • Bob's Burgers I love this show and I always will.  I watched some of the comic-con panel and they are even more amazing...
  • Camping
  • Writing goals
  • To make a grocery budget.
  • I love mason jars and I want all this to go with it!
  • Speaking of mason jars...  I want to eat salads out of jars.  I think it is the lack of packing my lunch everyday.  
  • To go on a roadtrip... I should add that to a 101 in 1,001 post...

  • I attended a great Etsy Meetup with Melissa.  It was great fun!
  • Camping
  • Rosie's Wedding!
I feel like I am on the cusp of some really amazing things in life.  I cant wait to see what happens!

What did you do in August?

heart you

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