Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I Wore: Blog Date

     last week I went on a blog date with a few of my blogging buddies;  Warren (he even wrote about it), Rosie and Amanda.  It was much needed after a hard day!  We went to Bubble Bubble Tea and to dinner.  Warren was totally right about the nostalgia!  We had many great talks there!  /sigh  The point of the date was to get dressed up and go out.  I have become somewhat of a homebody...  When I am not home it seems like I am getting ready to go out of town, camping, weddings...  There hasnt been much in between this summer.  It was nice to just go out for the sake of going out!  Rosie was sweet enough to take pictures of me before we left.  Thanks Rosebud!

No thats not a tape!  Its my phone case!

Sunglasses:  Lee's Camp Store
Dress:  Ross
Wedges:  Famous Footwear last year
Necklace:  World Market

Its been hot again around here.  I am not loving having my hair up with hair ties so I have been experimenting with twists/buns held with little combs and bobbie pins.  Some times they turn out really weird, but it keeps me cool!  This knot was pretty cute!

I love bird stuff!  Jewelry, clothing whatever!  I guess I just love birds in general...

Shhhh....  here is a secret!  I know the dress is super short so I wore boxers under it!  Teehee

Totally off topic, but my cat has been super cute lately...

Excited that:  Today is my mother's birthday!  Happy birthday Mama!
Needed:  Acupuncture.  I have been stressed.  I had a different lady, cause mine is off having a baby!  Good luck Michelle!  I felt very empowered after.
Also needing:  To start yoga up again.  I was also inspired by Kiki Says.  Dont worry Sadie, you will always be my favorite!

So what are you wearing?  ;)

heart you



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